Wednesday, September 30, 2009

korean version of miura ayako's life and times

Kamui Mintara's special issue focusing on Miura Ayako's life and times, which I was asked to translate into English (introduced in earlier post), has now been translated into Korean. Copies are available free to visitors of the Miura Ayako Literature Museum in Asahikawa. You may also be able to get them in bulk by contacting the sponsoring organization, Rin'yu Kanko (contact information at the end of each language version of the special issue). Follow the links here to get to the original Japanese version, the English version, and the most recent Korean version.

Friday, September 11, 2009

miura documentary

This video clip is from an episode of Ano Hito ni Aitai (I wish I could meet that person once more) on Japan's public TV station NHK. It gives an overview of Miura Ayako's life and writing. I'm afraid it's in Japanese only, but you may find parts of it interesting even without the language. Read her profile on the World of Miura Ayako website first. It should help you follow the photos. The content of Miura's interview is the same as that of her autobiography Michi Ariki (The Wind is Howling). I was privileged to correspond with Ayako for over 20 years, and visited the Miuras in their Asahikawa home on several occasions. The footage of them in their living room and kitchen brings back so many memories...